Dirk Nowitzki statue finally arrives in Dallas

It is a promise that is beginning to date. In April 2019, the evening of the retreat of Dirk NowitzkiMark Cuban said: “I promise you we’ll put the biggest statue that tears up and we’ll put it at the entrance of the room. »

More than three years later, and while the German’s jersey was retired in January 2022, the statue is still not there. Even if we at least know the design: a bronze Nowitzki doing his fadeaway on one leg.

In a recent interview with Bleacher Report, Cuban was asked about this again. His answer is clear: « It’s for this season. It happens, that’s for sure. »

The owner of the Mavericks took the opportunity to give the necessary criteria, according to him, which must be met to obtain such an honor.

“You have to stay a long time. It’s about being around for a while, being a superstar and leading your team to the title. It’s not just what we do in the field, it’s also what we do for the community. It’s about being part of building a franchise, during and also after your career. Dirk is an example of this. »

Therefore, if we follow this reasoning, which other players would currently deserve a statue? “LeBron James obviously, and Stephen Curry. It would be deserved”answers Mark Cuban, who will also add Sue Bird, who is retiring this summer.

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