DIRECT. Tokyo Olympics: the Bleues du rugby in the final, a blessed Saturday for French sport?

The essential

  • If you hated this Friday, you will love this Saturday. The France team will raid medals throughout the day. Finally, if all goes well.
  • During the night, our mixed triathlon team brought home the first medal of the day, with bronze. The girls of rugby sevens also secured the medal by beating the British in rugby sevens. All the results are there.
  • For the rest, we will therefore have the final of rugby at 7 at 11 a.m. (against New Zealand), women’s team saber, team judo, Charline Picon in medal race sailing. The whole program here.

Follow the events of the day live:

6:17. It’s for Margaux Pinot!

6:16. Teddy Riner wins! What a boss! We will now have a golden score fight to see who will win in this match!

6:11. Phew! Romane Dicko wins and puts France at 3-2. Make way for Teddy Riner!

6:07 am. It’s a catastrophe !!! Ippon against Axel Clerget! France is up against the wall and must hope for a faultless now. Dicko and Riner coming …

6:06 am. AIE Aie Aie. Margaux Pinot lost after a long and fruitless fight and it was 2-1 for Israel. Watch out for disaster …

6h. Before giving a full update on what happened last night and what to remember from the day, the current news is team judo, where France meets Israel in the quarter-finals. . A rather tense match since we are at 1-1. As a reminder, there are 6 matches (3 men, 3 women, each time from different categories). We explain everything here

5:55 am. Hello everyone. A great day of sport awaits us! France won their 14th medal on the night with bronze in the triathlon!

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