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After eight days of hospitalization, ex-Argentinian champion Diego Maradona left the clinic in the northern suburbs of Buenos Aires on Wednesday where he was successfully operated on for a bruise on his head.

The Argentine legend left the establishment in an ambulance, without making any statement, AFP journalists noted.

The vehicle was followed by a convoy of supporters’ cars, as dozens of them stood outside the clinic for days on end, holding up pictures of the star or singing in support of her.

An hour earlier, Diego Maradona’s personal doctor, Dr Leopoldo Luque, had announced to the media massed in front of the clinic that the former player was « authorized to leave ».

The 1986 world champion was hospitalized with anemia and dehydration on November 2 in La Plata, a city 60 km from Buenos Aires and where he coaches the local club.

A CT scan then revealed the presence of a subdural hematoma, a pocket of blood formed under the skull. This resulted in his transfer to a private clinic in Olivos where he was successfully operated on the next day.

Abstinence syndrome

However, during the postoperative period, the former number10 experienced difficulties related to an abstinence syndrome, in connection with his consumption of alcohol and sleeping pills, according to Dr. Luque, justifying the length of hospitalization of his patient, despite an « amazing » recovery after the operation.

Diego Maradona’s life has been punctuated by many health problems, some of which are linked to excesses of all kinds which have sometimes made him flirt with death.

In 2000, he had a heart attack following an overdose in the Uruguayan seaside resort of Punta del Este. He then followed a long cure in Cuba.

In 2004, when he weighed more than 100 kg, another heart attack struck him down in Buenos Aires, but he was released.

He then had stomach surgery to lose a lot of weight.

In 2007, excessive alcohol consumption had driven him to the hospital. Lately, he had to have a prosthesis fitted because of his sore knees.

Confined since March due to the pandemic and his fragile health, Diego Maradona had insisted on October 30, the day of his 60th birthday, to lead the training of his players from the club of Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata.

But he didn’t appear to be in good shape, walked with difficulty and only stayed on the pitch for a few minutes before retiring.

Much like Brazilian Pelé, who turned 80 in October, Maradona is considered one of the greatest players of all time.

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