Diego Carlos and his perfect connection with Koundé

They form one of hinges the strongest of Spanish football. Diego Carlos and Koundé make the heyday of Sevilla FC. The first spoke with the club media, and took stock of the current situation.

That’s it third season with Sevilla, but he already feels like an experienced player. “I consider myself a captain now. I have the respect of everyone at the club, just as I show my respect to everyone, ”he said.

« Since I arrived they have treated me well and I love the way we are all in the changing room« , he added.

He also spoke about his relationship with his partner Jules Koundé. « Jules and I have a good relation on the ground, we know the decisions we are going to make and we have no almost no need to communicate, we understand each other very well, ”he said.

« We are very well aligned and just looking at the ball, we know what each of us will do. I am very happy that he stayed, like all the fans, he is very important for us and he keeps improving « , he insisted.

He applauded the public’s return to the stadiums. “Since the time we’ve been playing without the fans, we’ve had time to mourn their absence. I love going on the pitch and seeing so many people, I really love that kind of game. I especially missed this because they help us a lot« , did he declare.

He ended by talking about the value of his first title won as a Sevilla player. « Win theUEFA Europa League with Sevilla was something historic for me, my first title, and that’s something that makes me very happy and very happy, because then I was able to win another trophy with the Brazil at the Olympics« , he concluded.

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