Didier Deschamps has an FFF leader in the crosshairs

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If the future of Didier Deschamps at the head of the France team is still uncertain and conditioned to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, there is now a real problem between the coach of the 2018 World Champions and the Federation.

Between Deschamps and Hardouin, it’s the cold war at the FFF!

Of course, the relationship between Didier Deschamps and his big boss Noël Le Graët, re-elected until 2024, is still fluid but the technician would, according to Le Monde, have some serious grievances against the director general of the FFF Florence Hardouin . Grievances born of Euro 2021 where the leader is singled out for her organization.

Presented as the culprit of the deleterious climate that reigns in the Federation, Florence Hardouin was wrong to attack the faithful assistant of Didier Deschamps, Guy Stéphan, by asking for his head after the competition. An unvalidated requirement that reached the ears of the coach and would have scalded him quite a bit.

Deschamps cold with the DG of the FFF?

If the future of Didier Deschamps has not been settled before the World Cup in Qatar, it is also because the relationship between the Federation and the coach is no longer so fluid. Blame it on a certain divisive person…

Alexandre Corboz

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