Did the French Football Federation refuse to allow its players to meet members of Amnesty International?



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A journalist said that the French Football Federation had refused any meeting between the players of the France team and Amnesty International. Is it true ? We answer you.

On Twitter, journalist Quentin M., author of a book on the World Cup in Qatar, asks: « Did you know that the French Football Federation (FFF) was one of the few in Europe to refuse a meeting between players of the French team and Amnesty France to discuss living conditions in Qatar? » But is it true? The FFF met with members of Amnesty International in April 2022 to discuss the fate of Qatari stadium workers. However, it is correct that the federation refused to organize a meeting with the players.

France is not the only one to have refused such an event. The Spanish federation did not want either. On the other hand, the German and Belgian teams accepted the invitation. They therefore met with members of Amnesty International in June 2022. The other European selections did not meet, but Amnesty International claims to have regular exchanges with the Netherlands, Denmark and England.

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