Did Joel Embiid drop a big foot call to a top-team?!

Possibly frustrated by the recent premature elimination of the 76ers in the playoffs, Joel Embiid could begin to get impatient in his quest for a title. As such, one of his tweets released in recent hours has literally turned the web!

Unlike other stars in the league who could totally drop out after the end of the season, he obviously keeps an interest in NBA news. This Wednesday, Joel Embiid was in front of his TV to follow Game 5 between Celtics and Heat. Witness of the important victory of Boston (93-80), he allowed himself to draw a big observation on the Florida franchise on Twitter:

Miami needs another star

Joel Embiid in full operation seduction with the Heat?

This opinion of Embiid can quite agree given the situation in which the men of Erik Spoelstra currently find themselves. Led 2-3, they appear in a very bad position before game 6, which will take place at TD Garden. However, these few words were also perceived as a real outstretched hand from the Cameroonian pivot!

I know someone who could help 😉

Reactions like this quickly multiplied, and for good reason. After all, Joel recalled his great affection and admiration for Jimmy Butler only a few days ago. Therefore, it would not be surprising if he tries to join him in South Beach to increase his chances of the title. A hypothesis to which he was forced to react, clearly amused by this sudden tidal wave that he himself caused!

OK you are really stupid lol 😂😂😂😂

Laughing after having indirectly launched a big rumor about his future, Joel Embiid should a priori remain faithful to the Philadelphia Process. Unless his friend Jimmy Butler comes across this tweet, and gives him a little call!

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