Devin Booker’s viral tweet amid Suns winning streak!

In great form with Phoenix, Devin Booker is heading straight for home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. His team are racking up the wins, but the full-back is not yet satisfied. THE proof with his last tweet, quite explicit about his state of mind.

In ambush behind the Warriors at the start of the season, the Suns ended up taking the lead in the Western Conference and are not about to let go. With the best record in the league (48-10), the NBA finalists can notably count on a boiling hot Devin Booker since the change of year. Kendall Jenner’s companion simply delivers his most complete career campaign (25.5 points, 5 rebounds and 4.5 assists on average) and it shows on his teammates who are following in his footsteps.

To give an idea of ​​just how hot the Arizona players are right now, they’re at no less than 18 wins in the last 19 meetings, with a streak of 7 wins on the way. An impressive form therefore, but not enough to rave about the former Kentucky. On the contrary, as he tweeted recently, the interested party only dwells on a single score since January 11, the one who saw his people bow:

Devin Booker furious at losing to Hawks

As you can see, D-Book scored the only loss of this series, against the Hawks (124-115) with an angry emoji. Clearly, the boy is in the image of his idol Kobe Bryant: even though the victories accumulate, he only remembers the failures along the way which are on the verge of insult for him. It must be said that without it, Phoenix would be at almost 20 consecutive victories. We would also rage, in his place!

In any case, the state of mind displayed by the player is good for the playoffs. Unhappy losers last year against the Bucks, the Cactus do not want to repeat this bitter experience and intend to go all the way in 2021-22. When we see their level of play since the start of the season, we are entitled to see them as favorites, especially since they now have the necessary experience. Inevitably, teams such as the Rockets cannot make the weight:

Devin Booker is hot as embers, and does not take the slightest setback by the end of the regular campaign. We can count on the Suns to display the same mentality, and they will be taken seriously!

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