Devin Booker unleashes the truth about his situation and gives his opinion on Kyrie

Returning to training for the Suns after contracting the covid, Devin Booker is doing better. The rear took the opportunity to take stock, especially on the Kyrie Irving saga. A rant for the player, quite angry about the recent events.

The vaccine and the Ben Simmons trade: these are undoubtedly the two main topics of discussion since the resumption in the NBA. What anger many people, who would undoubtedly like to focus on the new season. But with the rules in place in New York and San Francisco, players like Kyrie Irving and Andrew Wiggins are gone. to miss half of the campaign.

The questions are legitimate, although a little too present. Devin Booker is aware of this, since he was able to make his training debut recently. He had missed the start, because of the covid. The rear took the opportunity to reveal that he was fully vaccinated, even if he does not necessarily like to talk about it.

I don’t think that should be the center of all the discussion. I stayed home during media day and searched for quotes on basketball… I didn’t see anything like it.

Too many questions about covid? This is Booker’s opinion, even if taking an interest in vaccination for these actors seems logical, especially given the stakes. Nevertheless, and whatever happens, everyone is free to do what they want for the shooter.

Everyone has the right to make their own decision, especially regarding their body. My decision was to get vaccinated.

He also took the opportunity to return to the soap opera Irving, which shakes the web:

We are basketball players. To put so much pressure on certain players, to tell them what to do with their body or not, I think it’s too much. I can only imagine the pressure it must be for some with all these people telling them what to do.

Too much pressure, too many covid conversations: no, Devin Booker is clearly not a fan. Unfortunately, it is not likely to end with the recovery. Andrew Wiggins and Kyrie Irving are in the sights, especially as a turnaround is not impossible.

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