‘Determined’, Karl-Anthony Towns writes to Wolves fans

Extended for 224 million dollars, Karl-Anthony Towns has great ambitions for Wolves who want to confirm their good season, and take advantage of the arrival of Rudy Gobert to rise among the cadors of the league.

After the press conference following his enormous contract extension, where he explained that it was now “the title or nothing” for Minnesota, the All-Star offered himself a full page advertisement in the local daily, the Star-Tribune, in order to send a message to the fans of his team. Entitled “Locked In” (“Determined”), KAT displays its objectives and its desire to succeed at Wolves.

“To the best NBA fans,

When I arrived in Minnesota in 2015, I carried a lot of weight on my shoulders. I was a young kid from New Jersey hoping to make my new home proud. I have arrived at a hopeful time for the franchise. The best thing about my time here is that we have such a bright future ahead of us… thanks to you, the fans. You have supported me and this franchise through all the ups and downs we have been through…together.

I am forever grateful to Flip Saunders for taking a chance on me and I promise to continue to honor him by living his vision and pursuing the dreams we talked about when I joined the Timberwolves. Minnesota has become my home because of him and all of you. You have all welcomed me for the person and player that I am and you have become part of my family. You have welcomed my family as “one of your own” from the moment my loved ones and I set foot in Minnesota, and I can’t thank you enough.

I can thank you for my commitment to you and this frankness.

I wouldn’t be who I am today without you.

Thank you for: challenging me, empowering me, supporting me, and giving me a place to grow and learn what it means to represent this state.

I engage with you differently than I did as a 19-year-old who was drafted here, but as an NBA veteran who has seen it all. Thank you for supporting me as I grew into the man who stands before you today.

I promise to continue to take us to new heights for years to come.

I am determined. »

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