Despite seven homers, the Angels escape it against the A’s

I don’t know if you have a big memory, but last year there was a tweet that went around about the Angels that had the Twittersphere laughing.

Here it is.

Basically, he’s a guy who said he felt like every game, we saw Mike Trout hit three long balls to bring his average to .528 in addition to seeing Shohei Ohtani achieve a feat that had never been achieved over 100 years ago…but that the Angels still lost.

With that in mind, let me tell you about yesterday’s game.

Shohei Ohtani, the day after a seven-strike out performance as a pitcher, went DH and hit two long balls.

He became the second most prolific Japanese long-hitter in MLB history, tied with the great Ichiro Suzuki’s 117 homers. Note that Hideki Matsui is at 175.

His two long runs were solo homers. How do I know? Because the club scored seven runs on seven long balls.

Taylor Ward, Jo Adell, Jared Walsh, Kurt Suzuki and Mickey Moniak all hit the long ball in that duel. So it was a big game for the hitters.

But did the club win? Home? Against the A’s? Of course not.

The team from Oakland, which has no resources, got their hands on an 8-7 victory against their rivals from California. And for the sixth time in history, seven home runs were not enough to win.

The Angels are pathetic. They are not able to surround their good players well and the team mound has been lacking for years.

Janson Junk (six runs in 2.1 innings) and Touki Toussaint (two runs in 4.1 innings in long relief, which isn’t bad under the circumstances) weren’t able to stop the bleeding. Don’t wonder why Shohei Ohtani doesn’t want to hear about a long-term contract there.

round 10
  • The Blue Jays won yesterday against Minnesota.
  • Eric Hosmer’s first game with the Red Sox was also his big return to Kansas City for the first time since signing from San Diego.
  • Six-out rescue yesterday for Edwin Diaz. What a player!
  • The Cardinals have caught up to the Brewers in the standings because the latter were swept by the Pirates. Christian Yelich sees a connection to the fact that Josh Hader was traded.
  • The Padres will sell all of their season tickets in 2023.

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