Despite accusations against him, Fouzi Lekjaa excludes Morocco from football corruption on the African continent

Fouzi Lekjaa


Morocco Foot: The president of the Moroccan Football Federation, Fouzi Lekjaa, spoke about African football and the endemic corruption within it, while his country has long considered Morocco oppressed on the continent.

Lekjaa said ahead of the Champions League Africa Cup final between Morocco’s Wydad Casablanca and Egypt’s Al-Ahly: « The time of injustice and corruption in football in Africa, which was dominated by some countries and through which they managed to get a set of titles, is over. »


Lekjaa added that Morocco is looking to make history again by crowning Moroccan clubs with all three existing African titles, which is unprecedented on the African continent.

Lekjaa confirmed that Morocco would end club dominance in Egypt and Tunisia to create a new era for Moroccan control of African football with clean play and refereeing.

Lekjaa added: « Injustice has reigned in African football, which has resulted in Moroccan teams being kicked out of the preliminary rounds, or within quarter-finals, before concerted efforts and Morocco have had their say. » in Africa.

He continued: “A good example of this is that NB Berkane have played 3 finals in four years and won two titles, while Wydad have dominated the league and won a title and will win the second title in the last five years, and the same for Raja Sports. »

Egyptian club Al-Ahly complained about Morocco’s ‘Kolsa’ in the African League Cup final against Moroccan club Wydad Casablanca, who lost by two clear goals as the choice of the final stadium in Morocco with the presence of a Moroccan club was considered a great injustice.

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