Deshaun Watson will explain himself to the NFL

Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson may have settled out of court 20 of 24 civil lawsuits filed against him over alleged sexual misconduct, but the NFL won’t let him off the hook , she who intends to suspend the athlete for a long time.

Watson will also begin the disciplinary process on Tuesday before the disciplinary officer, jointly appointed by the NFL and its Players Association, Sue L. Robinson, according to information from the ESPN network.

The league would like a suspension of at least a year, while the Players’ Association will defend Watson, whose charges date back to his time with the Houston Texans, who was finally traded to the Browns during the offseason.

A decision should be taken even before the opening of the training camps, scheduled for the end of July.

If he is not happy with the decision of the former Delaware judge, Watson can always appeal the suspension, he who has insisted since the start of the legal proceedings that he has never committed the alleged acts.

« As I said, I have never abused anyone, never harassed anyone, never disrespected anyone, and never forced anyone to do anything. gesture”, he had mentioned, during a press conference at the beginning of June.

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