Deshaun Watson is officially Texans 4th quarterback

The first season of David Culley as coach of the Texans and Nick Caserio in the managerial chair could hardly be more complicated.

The first has to deal with the Deshaun Watson case on the ground. The player missed part of the camp before coming back. But that doesn’t seem to translate into a return to his number one status. On the contrary.

On the first unofficial depth chart updated by the franchise, Watson is now ranked fourth quarterback in the workforce. He is found, in order, behind Tyrod Taylor, Jeff Driskel and David Mills.

Outside the press

Until his legal problems are resolved, and his rating goes up for a possible transfer, Watson is therefore in Houston. And the franchise would like it not to show.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the franchise tried to end its training camp as early as Wednesday, but the NFL refused this move. If the Houston executives wanted to end their camp, it was to override regular season rules, which limit press access to practice.

Unfortunately for them, it violated NFL rules, and you’ll have to live with the local media until August 26. Like everyone.

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