Descent into hell for the « new KD », 18 years old and arrested by the police!

NBA Emoni Bates arrested by police

Memphis Tigers (DR) / NBA (DR)

Some nuggets explode in flight before they even turn pro, and that’s unfortunately what’s happening for a young star in the US. Announced as the next Kevin Durant, the young man has just been arrested… and his professional career seems more than ever in danger.

Since he was 13, he was considered the future prodigy of the parquet floors, destined to become an NBA superstar. For a long time, Emoni Bates was also seen as the main rival of Victor Wembanyama, concerning the first pick of the 2023 draft. With his technical qualities and his highlights in high school, the winger had even been designated as the Kevin Durant of the future, just that. Except those days when he was praised by everyone are long gone.

Indeed, the person concerned completely collapsed when making the jump to the NCAA, to the point of completely disappointing in Memphis and changing courses, subsequently joining Eastern Michigan. Predictions about him have been in freefall for months, and now he finds himself at the heart of a dark legal case. As the site reveals WXYZ DetroitBates has just been arrested by the police:

Emoni Bates arrested for possessing a weapon

Eastern Michigan University basketball star Emoni Bates was charged with possession of a firearm on Monday afternoon. The Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office said Superior Township officers arrested Bates after he failed to stop at an intersection Sunday night. During the investigation, the sheriff’s office said a gun was found and Bates was taken into custody.

Court records show he is charged with two misdemeanors – one for carrying a concealed weapon and the other for altering the identifying marks of a weapon. A lawyer for Bates pleaded not guilty on his behalf, and the judge set a personal bond in his case, meaning he can walk out of jail without paying any money.

A priori, the young man will therefore not spend time behind bars, but this story should definitely cost him a future in the NBA. Franchises are very cautious about players landing with a criminal record, especially if they disappoint in sport. A profile that fits perfectly with that of Bates… The chances of seeing him being drafted therefore seem close to zero, and for the fans, he can completely put an end to the orange ball.

The career was already dead for a long time but that, that buries it for good.

Announced as the future of American basketball, Emoni Bates is turning more towards a career as a delinquent with this arrest. A sad descent into hell for a player who was probably celebrated too soon, and who had too much pressure on his shoulders.

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