Derrick Rose’s buzz gesture for Trae Young after elimination

Trae Young has been splendid during the series against the Knicks, with a second-round qualification that the Hawks have not seen since 2016. And even though he became Public Enemy No.1 in New York City, he received a wonderful gift from Derrick Rose. This gesture made the rounds of social networks!

After the first two games of the series between the Hawks and the Knicks, we expected a long indecisive battle. Trae Young had silenced Madison Square Garden at the start of the playoffs, before losing ground a little during Game 2… But the history of spit seems to have totally unleashed the All-Star point guard.

Because since then, he takes pleasure in destroying the men of Tom Thibodeau in the game, but also in the head. He led his team to 3 consecutive victories, and therefore a qualification in the second round for the first time since 2016! And if Joel Embiid is absent for a few more games, Atlanta could afford to dream …

And if Trae Young passes this round having become the public enemy n ° 1 in the Big Apple, an adversary above all childishness did not hesitate to pay him a magnificent tribute. Indeed, Derrick Rose gave Ice Trae a little gift after Game 5 on Wednesday, and the buzz was immediate!

Trae Young: It was an honor Derrick Rose!

Derrick Rose : In Trae, continue to lead your king team. Be blessed kid!

Derrick Rose therefore ignored the disappointment of the elimination to offer a signed jersey to Trae Young! A memory that the young leader of the Hawks will not soon forget. And this is not the only moment of class of D-Rose, since he added a layer of it at the press conference… He is everything, except a sore loser!

Before even facing him on this series I said that I was a fan of his game. He is part of this new generation of leaders. He is small, very skillful, he has an immense game intelligence and he is quite strong all the same… You must always stay glued to him.

Derrick Rose was not satisfied only with a gift to Trae Young, he also praised his talent in front of the media! This series was the starting point of a new rivalry between two franchises, but also of a respect immense between Ice Trae and D-Rose.

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