Derrick Rose Reveals Crazy Weight Loss and Shocks Fans!

Not necessarily known for being overweight, Derrick Rose has nevertheless been busy melting this summer, with convincing results. He then proudly displayed these during the Knicks’ Media Day, and revealed the staggering figures of his transformation!

Unlike other players disturbed by this kind of strict coaching, he seems to appreciate it to the highest degree. Of the five franchises he went through in his career, Derrick Rose rubbed shoulders with the demanding Tom Thibodeau in three of them. Despite their good relationship, the latter gave him a trying challenge to achieve during the off-season, which the veteran point guard apparently met perfectly.

Ultra-sharp Derrick Rose, crazy images and figures

Rather slender in appearance since the beginning of his career, D-Rose had yet a few pounds to lose this summer according to his trainer. Never mind, he has therefore redoubled his efforts to lose weight in recent weeks, and recently claimed to have returned to his rookie weight. On the occasion of Media Day, this Monday, he this time gave the quantified results of all these efforts, reported by Fred Katz of The Athletic :

We’re holding our first Knicks Media Day #PhysicalAlert. Derrick Rose has lost almost 10 kilos. He arrived in the press conference room shirtless and answered questions from reporters without his t-shirt to show off his transformation. I’m not going to tweet a photo because that would be weird.

That the New York fans in search of visual are reassured, Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News took on the task of offering them one at the same time:

Metamorphosed, Rose has reason to be satisfied with his new size, he who will soon be celebrating his 34th birthday. We now hope that this will allow him to come back stronger on the courts, and why not regain his impressive rookie level!

Unlike other players announced at the end of their career, Derrick Rose does not intend to take advantage of his relative old age to let go. In great physical shape, the leader of the Knicks comes back fully boosted… and with almost 10 kilos less!

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