‘Depressed’ Norris doubted his Formula 1 future

Lando Norris talks about how Formula 1 tested his sanity.

Racing in the premier class of motorsport with one of the best results in promotion does not prevent you from lacking in self-confidence and experiencing mental health problems. Lando norris had already said it and spoke about it in detail on the program This Morning on the British channel ITV.

If his character seems light and sometimes playful, Norris recognized that this facade sometimes hides its difficulties. « I guess people, just watching TV, don’t realize the many things a pilot goes through. », he confided. « And that’s a bit of a shame, but there are more shows now where you can see what the pilot looks like behind the scenes, and the amount of pressure and stress he’s been dealing with. Especially at my age. , when you arrive in Formula 1 at 19, all eyes are on you. Managing all of these things has left its mark on me. « 

Despite five titles in promotion formulas and a second place in Formula 2, as well as a reasonably convincing start in the top flight with fairly consistent arrivals in points in 2019, Norris feared that the experience would come to an end. The McLaren driver thought: « I don’t know what’s in store for me. If it turns out badly, if I don’t perform well in the next session, what will happen? What will be the outcome of all this? that I will be in Formula 1 next year? Otherwise, what am I going to do, because I don’t really have a lot of other talents in life? « .

« It was just all that, then i just felt depressed a lot of times if i was having a bad weekend, i just thought i wasn’t good enough and stuff like that. When it accumulates over the season, with all the social media side, it can really start to hurt. « 

Fortunately, the Briton was able to find the support he needed, especially from Mind, a mental health charity in England and Wales. « We have a partnership with Mind, which has helped me tremendously and has also helped a lot of other people, at McLaren but also in the world in general », detailed the person concerned. « Having spoken to McLaren, my entourage and the friends I trust, and also Mind, I feel a lot better now. I’m much happier and enjoying everything I do. »

Norris is now preparing for the Turkish Grand Prix. Having come close to victory in Russia before a strategic error when the rain was invited at the end of the race, the Englishman is keen to qualify the expectations around McLaren.

« There are obviously a lot of expectations on us right now because we did the one-two at Monza and last weekend I took pole position and almost won the race. A lot of people are waiting so incredible things. But we must limit [ces attentes] in a way, because being realistic we are still not as fast as Mercedes and Red Bull, which are currently the two top teams. So we have a lot of work to do, but every race is an opportunity « , he concluded.

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