Dennis Schroder ready to take a huge risk this summer?

On vacation for a few weeks, Dennis Schroder hoped to have a productive summer, especially with the Olympic Games. But the situation has changed over the weeks. However, he tells himself behind the scenes that the point guard hasn’t given up on the idea.

Not necessarily very convincing this year with the Lakers, Dennis Schroder is playing with fire. We recall that he had refused a contract extension of more than $ 80 million, all this to test the free agency as a free agent. For him, it is not necessarily a question of leaving the City of Angels, but rather of receiving even greater emoluments.

A big risk, because his season is not particularly convincing, and his contract should be affected. Well, that’s on paper. In reality, and according to recent rumors, the point guard still hopes to hit a contract of around 100/120 million with the Angelinos. An amount that seems disproportionate, especially with its coming summer.

As we recall, the Tokyo Olympic Games are taking place in a few weeks, and Germany will be part of it after its qualification on July 4. Present on the spot, Schroder had really liked the show, explaining that his team had played with « heart and desire ».

Unfortunately for him, no Olympics this year, for a question … of insurance. In case of injury, you have to cover the losses, but given the future contract of the leader, it seems almost impossible. But as he reveals to the media Zeit Online, the Laker has not given up on the idea.

If there is the option to play, then that would be really cool. I am always available, but my situation is not easy. Hope we can find a solution by then. My agent has to do his job and so does the team, we’ll see.

Dennis Schroder still hopes to be there for the Olympics, but his contract may well prevent him. A difficult situation for the Laker, who may have to watch the competition on his TV screen.

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