Dennis Rodman’s controversial statement about his love of white women

Dennis Rodman was known for his style in the 90s′, but also for the many women he rubbed shoulders, like Madonna or Carmen Electra. But to the time, many wondered why he was never with an African-American… Controversy to which he had to respond live on TV.

Dennis Rodman is arguably the greatest rockstar in NBA history. If his game was particularly simple on the field, since he was content to defend, take rebounds and feed his legendary teammates like Isiah Thomas or Michael Jordan, his personality was incredibly complex. Managing him wasn’t always easy, even for a man as important as Phil Jackson.

For example, during his time in Chicago, he repeatedly asked for a vacation, even for a few days, so he could party and clear his head. One time he was going to Las Vegas to show himself alongside the biggest celebrities of the time, another he was abandoning the team in the middle of the Finals to be able to make a notable appearance in a wrestling show

Dennis Rodman’s response to his white girlfriends

But what he loved above all was intimate relationships with women. Dennis Rodman rubbed shoulders with Madonna for many months, before getting laid on the Bulls training ground with bimbo Carmen Electra, and the list goes on and on. At the time, many criticized him for never appearing with black women, so he had to answer this accusation in 1996 on a TV set:

I come from a difficult neighborhood, and when I grew up a lot of black women told me that I was ugly, that I was too this, too that. But these same women, when they see a professional sportsman driving a beautiful car, they will jump straight into it, even if he is not beautiful. I’m attracted to white women, but I’m also still attracted to black women. I just haven’t found a black woman willing to accept me as I am.

All the black girls I wanted to date 15 years ago who thought I was too ugly call my mom to get my number. It hurts me more than anything to know that these women can come back into my life and say, “Now I’m okay with dating you because you have a lot of money. »

According to Dennis Rodman, his preference for white women comes from the fact that the blacks he has met in his life did not want him or were only interested in his money. A somewhat stigmatizing analysis of the situation which would probably no longer pass in the current context… But in the end, the important thing is that he was happy in his life, regardless of the origin of his companions.

Dennis Rodman was more than just a basketball player in the 90s, he was a real phenomenon of society. If he was rather discreet on the ground, his style made people talk, as did his intimate relationships. Living in the spotlight was not always good.

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