Dennis Rodman’s Controversial Action During All-Star Weekend!


Both whimsical and controversial, Dennis Rodman rarely misses an opportunity to get noticed. He was no exception to the rule during All-Star Weekend, with a sequence that quickly made fans talk about it.

Elected in the Top 75 all-time of the big league, Dennis Rodman was honored with his peers at the 2022 edition of the All-Star Game. In addition to taking part in the big collective photo, the former Pistons and Bulls player also took the stage with the others, shortly before the All-Star Game. But if we saw Kevin Garnett getting humiliated during the ceremonyMadonna’s former partner also made an impression with this scene:

Dennis Rodman throws his Top 75 all-time jacket on the floor

While most of the honored athletes probably kept their jackets on as much as possible during the evening, The Worm got rid of them at the first opportunity! The opportunity to present a much more relaxed clothing look with sweatshirt, jogging and cap screwed on the head. Rodman in the text what, he who has cultivated an image of irreverent bad boy throughout his career and who has calmed down only a little since he retired.

However, this should not be confused with a total lack of interest in the tribute paid to him. Rodzilla proved it during his moving Hall of Fame induction speech, being recognized for his accomplishments on the court means a lot to him, he who has never shone in attack. On the fan side, we therefore take this sequence with humor, saying that it was indeed something to expect from him:

Melo said “Dennis are you kidding me? » 🤣🤣🤣

Dennis said, “F*ck that suit and that jacket. It’s time to party and let loose! » 😅😅😅😅😅

Decidedly, Dennis Rodman is not about to change and that may not be so bad. After all, it’s also what makes the multiple NBA champion such a fascinating and endearing person, he who had an active life that was, to say the least, singular.


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