Dennis Rodman Reveals 10 Things He Can’t Live Without!

While now 60, Dennis Rodman is in the news following an award from GQ magazine. The opportunity for the multiple NBA champion to ask for an interview… and to reveal the 10 things without which he cannot live!

Unlike his wildest years, Dennis Rodman doesn’t get too much of a talk now. After one smashing exit a few weeks ago on the current NBA, we hadn’t really heard from the legendary number 91 of the Bulls. That his fans are reassured: the former teammate of Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen returned with a crash on the front of the stage.

Rodman has indeed received the honor of being the Man Of The Year from the prestigious GQ magazine, who chose to award him this award very recently. To make things right, the whimsical Hall of Famer gave an interview to the reference medium, and he scans several diverse and varied subjects … the proof.

An explosive list of the 10 must-haves according to Dennis Rodman

D-Rod was indeed asked about the 10 things he could not live without, a not so obvious list to make. And without too much surprise, the one proposed by the legend does not resemble that of any other person on earth. Here it is below:

  • His Montecristo cigars
  • The lyrics of the song « Black » by Pearl Jam
  • Her piercing
  • His Rodman Brand t-shirts
  • Elastic sports bands
  • Foundation
  • His Black Flys sunglasses
  • Its testosterone booster
  • Its moisturizer
  • Her bracelets

An atypical list that can sometimes be surprising given the idea we have of Dennis Rodman. The latter pays particular attention to the famous words of « Black », which allowed him to overcome his suicidal thoughts when he thought to end his life.

If you want to make Dennis Rodman happy, now you know what you are heading for! In any case, the ex-Bull seems in good health and well in his head, and this is the essential thing for such a tortured soul.

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