DeMarcus Cousins’ behavior ‘worries’ NBA franchises


 » Why am I not in the NBA? “ This question, DeMarcus Cousins ​​asked Bob Myers, the “general manager” of the Warriors, by giving him a call. He had hired the pivot in June 2018, after his debut with the Kings then his move to the Pelicans, for a personal season shortened to 30 games but with an NBA final lost to the Raptors.

«  And I said, ‘Do you want to know why?’continues the leader of the Californians. Because people are afraid of the way you’re going to behave. And he said to me: ‘Why?’ And I said, ‘Whatever the reason, it’s a reality now. I like DeMarcus. You may know him. I just can’t blame him for everything he’s been through. »

That would explain why the 32-year-old is having such a hard time stabilizing in the big league. In recent years, the quadruple All-Star has indeed accumulated team changes: Warriors, Rockets, Clippers, Bucks and finally Nuggets. With each time, the feeling that he is rather productive on the ground and does not make many waves outside.

Heading to Taiwan?

But this bad reputation, as an angry player with the referees and complicated to manage in a locker room, obviously plays against him. He who would consider going into exile in Taiwan today recently said that we had  » a bad perception  » from him.

«  Like I’m an angry monster who just bullies people, hits them, can’t be coached and is cancer in a locker room. I think this is all wrong. I played for coach John Calipari, a legendary coach. I was more than easy to coach. Steve Kerr could attest to that, as well as Coach Malone. […] I handled a lot of things incorrectly, but I also learned from those mistakes “, he finished.


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