DeMar DeRozan who slams two game winners in 24 hours

Off-peak times oblige, TrashTalk has taken the habit each summer of making you relive with emotion the greatest moments of the past season. Except in 2021, because in the summer of 2021 know that the editorial team came very close to surrendering, but that’s another story. So we go back to the good old formula, we go back a few months, and we remember that this 2021-22 season was crazy, from the first day to the last. Today ? The day DeMar DeRozan chained 2021 and 2022 better than any other basketball player.

The stats of this match that crowned DeMar DeRozan as the new king of Chicago, it’s right here!

Needless to say, all human beings on this Earth do not have the same life, and we had proof of this again at the very beginning of the year. At a time when a normal person enjoys the holidays with big meals and festivities, some are busier building their legacy. DeMar DeRozan is that kind of guy. Landed at the Bulls as a free agent after having gone around the question in San Antonio, DeRozan is determined to be a hit in Chicago. In Michigan, DMDR forms a fiery duo with Zach LaVine, leaders of a franchise that is regaining color after several difficult years. DeMar is a hit, his team wins, what more could you ask for? However, the 32-year-old will go even harder for the passage between 2021 and 2022.

On December 31, just hours away from celebrating the transition to 2022, the Bulls were not at the party on the Pacers floor, like a DeRozan not in an evening of great address (8/24 , dedication Kobe but 33% shooting). As we enter the last minute, the Pacers lead 106 to 103. The swing man will first take out his special with a small shot from halfway after a miss from his friend Zach, to put his team back in the game. game. A stop on the other side of the field later, DMDR finds himself with the winning ball in his hands. The sequel is simply amazing.

After a few dribbles, DeRozan steps forward before getting up, on one leg, to stun the Pacers in front of their home crowd with a killer 3-point shot at the buzzer. A magnificent conclusion that made us jump in front of our TV. And as if that wasn’t good enough, this victory at the finish allows Chicago to finish the year at the top of the Eastern Conference, yes ladies and gentlemen. But what we didn’t know at the time was that DeMar hadn’t finished his job. Expected in the capital the next evening for a back-to-back match against the Wizards, the number 9 of the 2009 Draft will pull a new masterpiece out of his hat.. With a more complete match this time (9 rebounds and 5 assists in addition to his 28 puntos), the All-Star begins the year as he finished the previous one, once again flying over the end of the match. Still, with a massive 3-pointer from Kyle Kuzma 3 seconds from time to lead 119-117, the Wizards thought they had the win. Naya certain number 11 will take care of bringing them back to reality brutally.

The ball is thrown into play on the strongman of the Bulls. Two defenders on the back and only a few seconds to shoot? No problema small feint and DMDR rises to shake the nets again. The buzzer sounds, and DeMar DeRozan adds a second straight game winner to the buzzer to air-condition Capital One Arena. On the outside, in less than 24 hours, and on his only attempted 3-point shot of the game, the guy’s balls. This sequence is simply ALL-TIME, since we had not seen it since Larry Bird, who nevertheless had a day off between his two exploits in 1985. Even if the Bulls will end their season in the first round of the Playoffs against the Bucks, DeMar DeRozan will finally be rewarded for his very good campaign (27.9 points, 5.2 rebounds, 4.9 assists) by selections to the All Star Game and to the All-NBA Second Team.

Long criticized in his career, DeMar DeRozan will finally have everyone agree this year, with performances that will be remembered for a long time. With these two master class straight away, the full-back also made League history by achieving something that had never been seen before.

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