DeMar DeRozan already hits a big Michael Jordan record!

DeMar DeRozan already broke a big Michael Jordan record with the Bulls

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To say DeMar DeRozan is having a great season with the Bulls would be almost a euphemisticallyme. Indeed, the winger find a second youth in Chicago and he even begins to break some big records held so far by… Michael Jordan!

During his signing with the Bulls during the last free agency, many observers destroyed DeMar DeRozan. According to them he was no longer necessarily at the level, he did not stick with the rest of the workforce … In the end, and after only fifteen games played this season, the winger has completely silenced the critics by realizing a start to the XLL season!

With 26.6 points, 5.4 rebounds and 4.2 assists on average per game, DeRozan is simply regaining the form he displayed during his best years in Toronto and showing that in San Antonio, he was simply held back by the Popovich system. In its wake, the Bulls also show a sumptuous record of 12 wins for only 5 losses, enough to occupy the first place in the East with the Nets.

DeRozan scores more points than Michael Jordan!

And during the beautiful victory against the Knicks this Sunday (109-103), the journalists of NBC Sports Chicago have released a totally crazy statistic that shows DeMar DeRozan’s talent and level this season. Indeed, on this beginning of the adventure, he scores more points than Michael Jordan! A totally crazy feat for a player announced burned a few months ago.

Most points in the first 16 games with the Bulls:

On his first 16 outings with the Bulls jersey, DeMar DeRozan scored more than Michael Jordan! So yes, the context is very different since one is at the top of his game when the other was just a rookie, but the result is no less impressive. Beating No. 23 in Chicago is not trivial, especially for a training full-back. And if he keeps this totally crazy level, Billy Donovan’s men could surprise in the playoffs.

DeMar DeRozan should probably not regret his decision to join the Bulls rather than the Lakers! He shines individually with Michael Jordan records, and the team is atop the Eastern Conference!

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