DeLorean could produce the Alpha2… with a V8!

DeLorean Alpha 2 Concept | Photo: DeLorean

For those of you who haven’t been keeping up with automotive news over the past few months, the DeLorean name is back in the automotive world and, no, it’s not a long -feature recounting a brief portion of the life of the famous engineer John Z. DeLorean, recently unveiled on the Netflix platform.

No, DeLorean is « back in business » as the English expression so aptly puts it, at least for the return of the brand as a manufacturer and not as a support for fans of the exotic car of the 80s, because the fans of the DMC-12 are still numerous.

While it’s clear that DeLorean’s priority is to begin production of the Alpha5, this 2+2 sports sedan equipped with huge butterfly doors and an all-electric powertrain, the small automaker is also considering expanding its portfolio, notably with one or more of these prototypes recently unveiled at Car Week in Monterey, California.

DeLorean Alpha 2 Concept | Photo: DeLorean

The Alpha2 coupé, meanwhile, piques the curiosity of enthusiasts. The silhouette of this design study – the car only exists in the virtual universe at the time of this writing – is said to have been inspired by the DMC-24 prototype imagined at the time of the DMC-12. The aim of this design exercise was to recall the period of the 90s through the lines of the car, while keeping a link with its design era.

In an interview with the magazine Top Gear, DeLorean CEO Joost de Vries said several interested parties had expressed interest in the car, prompting the executive to say that limited series production was also being considered.

Where it gets a little weirder is under the hood, as the DMC-24 was supposed to use a V8 engine, unlike the V6 pulled from Renault’s catalog for the DMC-12. And it is not excluded that this production Alpha2 – if DeLorean approves the project of course – could be powered by a V8 engine, quite the opposite of the Alpha5 which will be powered by electrons.

At the time of this writing, this is only speculation, however. We will have to wait a bit before knowing more about this intriguing project.

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