Dele Alli caught kissing Guardiola’s daughter, the case grows

Five months ago Tottenham player Dele Alli and Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola’s daughter Maria were spotted together for the first time. There was a kiss photographed but today, we learn that the story between the two young people is more serious than imagined.

The new facts between Dele Alli and Maria

The 25-year-old was spotted in a recent photo obtained by the Daily Mail. Alli and the Manchester City manager’s eldest daughter (20) were seen leaving the expensive Novikov Restaurant and Bar in Berkeley Street, London’s Mayfair.

The couple then had coffee before getting into a car.

On social networks, Internet users are commenting en masse on this new information about the couple:

  •  » We understand why he’s been rotten for some time … ’25 years, in love, it’s over for him when he could have done so many things …’
  •  » It’s a real charo Alli it’s Benzema power 1000 mdr ‘… Do not let your sisters or even your daronnes drag on the side of London …’ ‘
  •  » Dele Alli he disgusts to bang Guardiola’s daughter, she’s crazy lol ‘He calls her daddy, it seems lol’
  • «  Dele Alli and James Maddison it’s about time they became footballers again and not Boohoo Instagram models …  »
  • «  I am convinced that he is a great player but that he is complex to use. That’s why I’m torn between the idea of ​​telling me that Paris should never have let go, but also the idea that today it would be unbreakable. After his head is no longer too much football apparently …  »

Dele Alli is just a shadow of himself

Dele Alli, who was to sign for PSG for the last winter transfer window, has since remained at Tottenham where he does not often start.

We don’t talk too much about him for the last summer transfer window. José Mourinho, now coach of AS Roma clearly did not count on him and Mauricio Pochettino would have liked to work again with the number 10 but the PSG have Neymar Jr and Julian Draxler so it is very difficult to see Dele Alli in the club of the capital soon.

Alli was considered one of the best players of his generation before he got lost a bit. He no longer finds his level which was his 3-4 years ago, as during the 2018 World Cup in Russia in which England will finish 4th.

Newcastle acquired for € 352m

To stay in the Soccer English, we just learned today that Newcastle have been bought out for € 352million.

After several months of negotiations, but above all tensions due to a delicate geopolitical context with Qatar, Newcastle was officially bought by the PIF consortium, led by the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed ben Salman, who will hold 80 % of shares, PCP Capital Partners and RB Sports & Media. The fortune of the Saudi Arabian investment fund is estimated at 400 billion euros making Newcastle today the richest club in the world.

According to Daily Mail, here is the ranking of the most fortunate clubs in 2021:

400 billion: Newcastle 260 billion: PSG 25 billion: Manchester City 18.5 billion: Leipzig 18.5 billion: Salzburg 16.5 billion: Juventus 12 billion: Chelsea 10 billion: LA Galaxy 8 billion: Arsenal


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