Delage D12: the rebirth takes shape


Delage D12: the renaissance takes shape

We hadn’t heard of Delage since the presentation of the spectacular D12 hypercar in 2020, but the development of this F1-looking car has taken its course. Surprisingly well since the manufacturer announces today that it has finalized a rolling prototype to begin an American tour of promotion and customer trials.

In addition to confirming a working prototype, Delage revealed that two dealerships, in California and Florida, have signed a distribution and service agreement for the D12 in the United States. Delage will also organize an event by invitation only the day before the F1 Grand Prix in Miami.

Displaying more than 2 million dollars and limited to 30 copies only, the French hypercar will indeed have to convince to take its share on an already very supplied market. In addition to announcing a power greater than 100 hp is no longer a sufficient argument to stand out in this niche of hypercars and megacars. Delage does not say much more about the technical aspects of his car, but we know that it was tested on the circuit of Nevers Magny-Cours.

As a reminder, the D12 GT is powered by a 1,004 hp 7.6-litre V12 engine, supported by a 112 hp electric motor, bringing the combined power to 1,115 hp. An 8-speed automatic transmission will be associated with it.

Customers can also opt for a track-only Club variant, which features a smaller electric motor (20hp) to save no less than 91kg over the GT version. Despite a power brings back 1,024 hp, the weight/power ratio would therefore be better.

The first D12s should be delivered in the second half of 2023.

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