Dejounte Murray, Draymond Green, Miles Bridges, Stanislas Hécatombe, etc

Sad habit however trivialized for a few weeks, a new COVID point is needed on Monday. Absences continue to rain and several NBA franchises are directly impacted by an obvious endangerment of their results in the days to come. From Dejounte Murray to Draymond Green, we take stock.

We will remember that month of December. The epidemic rebound confirmed, Adam Silver and his henchmen did not give in to the whims of Mister Virus:  » IT PLAYS ! « , bellowed the commissionaire, leaving the advantage to the very tropical blazes. Two birds with one stone, in order to compensate for the absences of their executives, the various front office have decided to give Rodney McCarter Jr., Francis’ Kurton and Sidney Govou III a unique chance to break through at the highest level. The next few days should be no exception and new faces could slip under the radar of the general public. Other players have indeed just been placed in COVID protocol. We first think of Dejounte Murray, Draymond Green and Miles Bridges, three very important figures within their respective rotations. The information comes to us from Kyle Lowry who adds the name of Shams Charania to the list of the last covids, or the reverse. But the slaughter is not limited to these few names and John Collins for his part became the ninth Atlanta player to be placed in the protocol, just three minutes before Jalen Johnson became the tenth. Same story for Lonzo Ball, the thirteenth athlete of the Bulls to be put aside this month, against only one in November. And as the Taureans are running for the title of the team most handicapped by the virus, Billy Donovan has also been placed in isolation. Ah, do not speak Creole when Artis Gilmore comes to relieve the rotation of Illinois and take his 3.8 rebounds per game.

According to Woj and ESPN, the Suns – rather spared so far – lose Jae Crowder and Elfrid Payton. A good blow to the liver of Chris Paul & Co. since these are two important articulations of the Arizonian rotation which are withdrawn from him. But that remains little compared to the Blazers who, along with Jusuf Nurkic, have just sent their seventh player into the COVID protocol. Ah, when a team begins to be affected, it does not stop at the bar of 3 or 4 cases and the gangrene often takes on very dirty proportions. This is also the reason why the Suns may fear further losses in the days to come, and why they instantly started looking for 10-day contracts. The Hornets are well aware of this early crisis situation, they who are in the process of darkening with – in addition to Miles Bridges – the new isolation of PJ Washington. As for the rest, Dillon Brooks, Rajon Rondo, D’Angelo Russell and Dennis Schroder also saw the bad result displayed on the thermometer, unlike Alvin Gentry who has just left the protocol (and who would have preferred to stay there).

Not the most pleasant of scratching papers, this COVID point at least has the merit of clarifying the situation of several teams. This period is for many to be put in parentheses and does not reflect anything – or very much – of sporting reality. See you soon for a new check, which we hope will be much less.

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