Dejaegere: « In Ligue 1, we will meet this kind of team, so it was a good test »

Before leaving Anoeta, in front of the journalists present, Brecht Dejaegere reacted to the victory of the TFC in a friendly against Real Sociedad (0-1): “If you win, it’s better. It’s good for the team and morale. We must continue to always win, by any means. Sometimes we will win without being the best. The preparation must make it possible to learn things from each match to avoid repeating the mistakes in the league. Real Sociedad? There was superior technical quality and better control of the ball. In Ligue 2 or in the first friendly matches, we did not face a team that played ball possession like them. We will meet these kind of teams in Ligue 1, so it was a good test.

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