Defending champion Tampa Bay beaten, Toronto surprised on entry by Montreal

The derby between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Montreal Canadien, the first opposition of the first round of the play-offs between the two teams, turned in favor of the second named (2-1). A real surprise since Toronto had dominated its division in the regular season while Montreal finished it with the fewest points among the qualifiers for the play-offs.

Defending champion, Tampa Bay was hooked Thursday night at home by the Florida Panthers (6-5, ap), which allowed them to close the gap and have only one victory behind. A real underperformance for the Lightning who led 5-3 after being down 2-0. The Panthers equalized three minutes from time to force the decision thanks to Ryan Lombergne in overtime. Tampa Bay, however, remains in the lead in the opposition (2-1).

The encounter between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the New York Islanders was also prolific. The New Yorkers came back three times, to no avail, losing a goal (5-4), which allowed Pittsburgh to take the advantage in the series (2-1).

Finally, in the West of the country, the Las Vegas Golden Knights easily dominated the Minnesota Wild (5-2), after having scored two goals behind, to switch to the lead in this first round (2-1).

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