Decolonization of the Sahara or how Algiers misleads the world community

By Hassan Alaoui

The literature of the Algerian media – starting with the APS – has accustomed us to an irascible snub of lies that reflects more a total and bewildering ignorance of the Sahara issue than the effect of propagandist mirror. Created by Houari Boumediene, this « case » is the biggest scam of the century. Because, the claim of this territory occupied until 1975 by Spain was posed by the Kingdom of Morocco already in … 1956, just after the Liberation of our country, while Algeria, which only became independent in 1962, did not knew nothing, but then nothing about this problem and the ghostly Polisario did not exist, before its creation by Boumediene in 1973.

This is to say the monstrous deception and imposture of the heirs of Boumediene who spent his time insulting King Hassan II and the Moroccan people

 » Morocco occupying country », « the Sahara, the last colony in Africa » etc… It is in these terms that the agency Algérie Presse Service (APS), official Algerian agency – « his master’s voice » of course runs, as well as the whole armada of the media manipulated by the Algerian intelligence services.

Since the official start of the Sahara affair » in 1975, the Algerian governments which have followed one another up to now, their services and their propagandists, all in the same movement of mystification, have never ceased to play on a major confusion. That of the voluntary use or misuse of the concept of decolonization. With the unfortunate consequence that some governments and states of the world have allowed themselves to be misled. Worse: those in charge of our national diplomacy have not, if ever, paid particular attention to this precise point, that of the decolonization formula which is to Algerian propaganda what the pivot is to an architecture. So much so that, from negligence to a simple and pitiful abandonment on the part of our leaders, we arrive at the paradox that it is the Algerian wage-earners of the polisario who write our history, distort it as they please and, seriously, use it against us.

The irresistible fantasy of reaching the Atlantic

Even happens that our file is hardly well defended, that it changes hands and actors; but that an essential point like that of the process of decolonization should be the object of a semantic violation on purpose, of ignorance on our part and serve as an argument for our patented adversaries, that is what revolts us. The Sahara issue has only ever opposed Morocco and Algeria alone, the latter having used it since the beginning – 1975 – as a “ trench warfare with the (un)avowed objective of appropriating a Moroccan territory since the dawn of time, of installing a  » puppet republic « , the « rasd » and to monopolize its wealth, not to mention the irascible rage to encircle Morocco in its southern borders, by the Atlantic and on its borders to the east … In other words, all geopolitics fine-tuned for centuries by our Kings and our history, would fall into the hands of an Algeria which, not content with having an abundance of oil and gas, would still like to get its hands on the resources of Morocco.

In fact, therefore, decolonization » that the Algerian governments have not ceased to agitate for forty seven years now, it is about a criminal project of recolonization of the provinces of the south of Morocco by Algeria. The theory of the United Nations, defended by the 4th Commission on Special Political and Decolonization Questions, is to facilitate the accession of  » colonial peoples to autonomy. It is inscribed and well and truly expressed by the legislators and jurists of the international organization. Better: the Fourth Committee of the UN, in the case of a dispute between an occupying power and a country claiming a territory – as was the explicit case of Spain and Morocco – officially supports any solution, any negotiated formula, in other words it ratifies what is nowadays called the  » consensual political solution !

On November 14, 1975, after two marathon weeks and while General Franco was dying, Morocco, Spain and Mauritania signed the Madrid Tripartite Agreement. Its purpose? Nothing more, nothing less than returning the territory of the Moroccan Sahara that Spain occupied in two stages, at the end of the 19th century and in 1930. This agreement illustrated decolonization in good and due form, without war or bloodshed. It was in line with UN doctrine. That the Algerian leaders, without faith or law, fought it fiercely is a singular cynicism.

Why ? Because the same Algeria – to the credit of its people – not only fought gloriously to wrest its independence, but it negotiated for two years with France, in Melun, then in Evian and God knows that the sequence negotiations on the Algerian Sahara component was a tough game, because the representatives of the GPRA (Provisional Government of the Algerian Republic) were instructed not to  » give no inch of the Sahara… In July 1962, Algeria gained independence and its leaders were unaware of Morocco’s claim to its Sahara, filed with the offices of the United Nations. As for the polisario, an instrument created ex nihilo by the predecessors of the DRS in 1974, no one will dispute that its leaders are from Morocco, neither more nor less, manipulated and become creatures of the Algerian services…

The perfidious Algerian contradiction

Why then what was good for Algeria with France, could not be good for Morocco with Spain? Why would Morocco not be in its right and in  » her boots like an Algeria which, in defiance of good neighborliness with Morocco, is exhausted in contesting its Sahara? Especially since Spain by colonizing the Moroccan Sahara had not found an empty territory, soulless and lifeless, but populations that have always been attached to the Kings of Morocco, performed their prayers in the name of the Sultan , exchanged with a coin minted with the effigy of the same Sultan, in short, a whole history and a memory shaped in an interdependence that has never been lacking…

To invoke again the decolonization of the Moroccan Sahara, to spread this crazy qualification of a « colonial Morocco », to hide the historical and political truth in the name of an expansionism which does not say, but badly conceals its name, to contradict itself with regard to the principle of negotiated decolonization holds ultimately bad quality Machiavellianism. The decolonization of the Moroccan Sahara obeyed the principle of direct negotiation, between the occupying power and the beneficiary which is none other than Morocco, the only country which had to face two colonial empires, France and Spain, which had to negotiate its release twice with different powers…

Morocco has invested considerably in the Sahara since its liberation in 1975, and this year 2016 will see the implementation of a program of tens and more billions of dirhams which are mobilized to provide the southern provinces with major projects… Exactly in the spirit of the 4th Commission which stipulates that in the context of autonomy, the retrocession of the territory to its rightful claimant is accompanied by an obligation imposed on the latter: to ensure the conditions for development and political and economic emancipation for the populations concerned. It is an understatement to say that the advanced autonomy plan, the current economic development plan in our southern provinces provide the best response to our detractors…

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