Declared very noticed by Rudy Gobert, Mitchell tackled?

While he is going to sign his return to Jazz after an absence due to covid, Rudy Gobert released a rather remarkable statement. The pivot is certain: his teammates are far from giving everything on the floor, a sign that an improvement is possible. For Internet users, Donovan Mitchell is targeted.

The objective has not changed for the Jazz, it is the title or nothing for this season. With a record of 28-14, this roster can afford to dream, at least if Rudy Gobert is around. Without him for the last 5 games, Quin Snyder’s men have only won one game, which may worry the fans.

Donovan Mitchell failed to carry this team, which had big problems at the level of the defense. The front office could take action by the deadline to strengthen this sector, at the risk of experiencing a huge disappointment in the playoffs. However, for Rudy, it is also about effort.

Back, Rudy Gobert releases a big statement

After 5 missed games, Gobert should be present for the next Jazz game. Great news, even if the pivot has expectations: for him, you have to give everything on the floor. He believes that this is not the case for everyone, and admits for example that a team like the Suns is better prepared. A big big push in Salt Lake City.

When I look at other teams like the Suns or the Warriors, those guys are above us when it comes to winning. They take every game personally. Devin Booker moves his ass defensively, I could compare it to what he was doing two years ago. Guys like that, they go all out, and you can see that it’s important for them to defend and stop the attacker, do what it takes to stop the other team and be part of a winning franchise. I don’t think we are there today, but I think we will get there.

The message is clear for Gobert, who wants his teammates to step up when it comes to defending. It’s hard to blame him when you see the last games, because it’s obvious that the Jazz can and must do better in this area. Is one player targeted by these remarks, or is it the whole roster? For some, we are talking about Donovan Mitchell here:

Donovan Mitchell is 100% targeted. But he is 100% right.

Rudy Gobert expects more from his teammates, and that’s largely understandable given the current bad run. A reaction is expected in Salt Lake City, although we are curious to have an answer from Donovan Mitchell and company. To be continued.

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