Declared him completely crazy about Kyrie Irving on KD and the Nets


Powerless against the Celtics, Kyrie Irving finds himself targeted by critics after the Nets’ quick elimination in the playoffs. This obviously does not prevent him from being ambitious, and even from seeing very (too?) big for his frankness.

As the author of one of the most memorable shots in the history of the playoffs and the Finals in 2016, it is difficult to question his status as a great player who responds to the great moments. And yet, Kyrie Irving once again showed a different face than the regular season in this postseason. Faced with his former Boston team, the star point guard of the Nets was clearly disappointed.

Arrived in this first round with 10 consecutive meetings in the legs, Uncle Drew signed a great Game 1, before completely disappearing in the series. Logic would therefore dictate that he become very small following this blunder, including in the media that he has taken to neglecting in recent years. And yet, he once again took the opposite view of expectations with strong speeches.

Kyrie Irving’s crazy dream with the Nets

After having broke the silence following the elimination of his family via two viral tweetsKyrie recently agreed to give an interview to the New York Daily News. In the latter, he notably returned to his season, marked by the vaccine scandal and a choppy pace, before discussing his future and his projects within the franchise. To this question, the 2016 champion showed all his ambition, even if it seemed far from reality:

I would like us to establish a period of dominance of four years in a row with the team. Win more than 60 games per season, go far in the playoffs, and have fun building relationships that go beyond the field.

As a competitor, Irving must claim such success. However, in reality, this seems very difficult to achieve.

Since her arrival in Brooklyn, together with that of Kevin Durant, the Nets have never exceeded the bar… of 50 victories. This season in particular, his absence of several months clearly prevented Steve Nash’s men from reaching him. Therefore, crossing it and surpassing that of 60 successes in a single exercise would already be a great success for him and his teammates.

From there to aiming for a series of four such campaigns, Kyrie is probably going a little too far in her desires. Indeed, even Michael Jordan’s Bulls or the great Warriors failed to do so. In reality, only the Lakers of the Showtime era achieved this between 1984 and 1988. Suffice to say that the mission turns out to be ultra-complicated, even with two superstars like Kai and KD in the roster!

Kyrie Irving still thinks he can create hegemony with the Nets in the years to come, and even ride the league for 4 years in a row. Sacred project after a galley season and a sweep from the first round of the playoffs!


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