decisive day for the TV rights of the new format

UEFA has invited French candidates to submit their offers this Wednesday to broadcast the new version of the Champions League over the period 2024-2027. Several batches are marketed.

Candidates for the broadcast of the new version of the Champions League over the period 2024-2027 are invited to submit their offers to UEFA, this Wednesday morning until 11 a.m. This also applies to the Europa League and the Conference League. The European confederation opened the auction in early June very early, only a few days after the end of the first year of the current contract (2021-2024). With one goal: to increase the amounts well beyond the 370 million euros per season currently paid out by the three broadcasters: RMC Sport, Canal + and beIN Sports.

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The next period will coincide with the new formula of the main competition with more clubs (36 against 32 currently) and matches (144 in chickens against 96 currently). The participants will be divided into four hats of nine teams, with four places guaranteed for the four best countries (England, Spain, Germany, Italy) and three for France. This new mechanism will lead to the addition of additional dates in pools (8 against 6).

Games on Thursday, a pre-season tournament…

In addition to the traditional Tuesday and Wednesday, UEFA will also schedule matches on Thursday during the first week of each edition. It will then resume the classic pattern on Tuesday and Wednesday with two games at 6:45 p.m. and seven at 9 p.m. However, all matches will be scheduled in prime time on the last day. Another great first: the creation of an inaugural tournament in August between the winner of the previous season and three other teams.

So many novelties to drive up prices. According to L’Equipe, UEFA has marketed four batches. The first broadcasts the most beautiful line-up on Tuesday (17 matches in total per season), as well as the best moments from other matches and a magazine. The second batch offers the 1st choice of Wednesday and Thursday with the highlights of the other meetings, the final in paid broadcast as well as the new inaugural tournament.

Which actors on this call for tenders?

The third batch includes all other matches (166) on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Finally, the last batch offers unscrambled broadcasting of the final, a requirement in France. Which actors will submit their candidacies? Secrecy is obviously in order on such a competitive file.

Amazon Prime Videos, which has won 80% of Ligue 1 rights, is a credible candidate. Apple, which recently signed an unprecedented broadcasting contract with MLS, has also entered the sports rights market. DAZN and Discovery are also potential contenders. What about Netflix? Damien Bernet, director of development for France, said on Tuesday that « the broadcast of live sport at Netflix is ​​not on the agenda ». UEFA’s choice for the next broadcaster is expected in the next few hours or days.

The four lots marketed for the Champions League

Lot 1: the most beautiful Tuesday poster (17 matches in total per season), highlights from other matches and a magazine
Lot 2: the most beautiful line-up for Wednesday and Thursday, best moments from other matches, the pay-to-play final, a magazine, new inaugural tournament.
Lot 3: all other matches on Tuesday, Wednesday and the first Thursday (166)
Batch 4: the final in the clear

Two prizes for the Europa League and the Conference League

Lot 1: best poster of C3 or C4, magazine (20 games per season)
Lot 2: broadcast of all other matches, magazine (323 matches per season)

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