December 14, 1947 – Birth of NASCAR

On December 14, 1947, Bill France gathered 35 people for four days of meetings (December 14 to 17) at the Streamline Hotel in Daytona Beach. The group represented the most influential names in the racing industry of the time and included drivers, mechanics, promoters, car owners, journalists, business people and a recording secretary.

The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) was born out of this meeting and although convinced it was necessary, not even Bill France could imagine what the sport would become.

“Stock car racing is full of possibilities for Sunday shows and we don’t know how big it can be if handled properly… It can become as big as big car racing today (Indianapolis), I think stock car racing can become a nationally recognized event. Stock car racing as we practice it is not, in my opinion, the solution… We have to try to interest circuit owners and promoters in building stock car circuits. We are all interested in one thing, and that is to improve current conditions. The answer lies in our group here today.

Bill France Sr. on December 14, 1947 speaking at the NASCAR founding meeting at the Streamline Hotel in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Over the past 75 years, NASCAR has grown globally, with series in the United States, Mexico, Canada, Brazil and Europe, and produced some of motorsport’s finest drivers.

List of participants in this meeting marking the birth of NASCAR

Mildred Ayres – Recording Secretary
Bob Berry
Eddie Bland
Ed Bruce
Red Byron
jimmy cox
Fred Dagavar
Chick DiNatale
Bob Flock
Fonty Flock
Bill France Sr.
Tom Gallan
Tom Grback
Alvin Hawkins
Jack Higgins
Freddie Horton
Bernard Kahn
Joe Littlejohn
Tom Lovarco
Frank Mundy
Bill Obeby
Bob Osiecki
Sam Packard
Raymond Parks
Bill Parry
Jack Peters
Jimmy Quisenberry
Bob Richards
jimmy roberts
Larry Roller
Joe Ross
Ed Samples
Lucky Sauer
Buddy Shuman
Bill Streeter
Harvey Tattersall Jr.
Marshall Teague
Bill Tuthill
Red Vogt
Fred Zimmerman

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