Decazeville. Multiple activities for Sports Day

The municipality is reviving the tradition of a day dedicated to associations. Ramiro Rocca, delegate for sport and sports associations, tells us about the day of September 18.

Why such a day?

We had requests in this direction. It is a way of relaunching the forum of associations, by limiting ourselves to sport, but by offering a lively and dynamic event. The clubs need to get off on the right foot, that we talk about them. We can also call this an « open house » day.

How will this meeting go?

it will take place on avenue Léon Blum and on the adjacent sports facilities. The avenue will be cut off at the Place de la Vitarelle, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Young audiences should take advantage of it and try out the various activities on offer. We approached elementary schools and colleges by distributing flyers. The health pass will be compulsory for over 18s.

Which clubs will be present?

Badminton, basket club du Bassin houiller, Compagnie des archers, Dauphins decazevillois, foot JSBA, Guidon decazevillois, Gym et Forme, Judo club du Bassin houiller, Roller hockey, Rugby Bassin Ouest Aveyron, Tennis club Firmi-Decazeville, Yoseikan budo, Zumba Z ‘alégria (who will also do animation). In addition, there is the Telethon which will hold the refreshment bar and the local Mission which will provide information. I thank all these associations and their volunteers.

Is there anything new?

We will promote the pass-sport, which consists of aid from the State for this start of the school year. It concerns young people between 6 and 18 years old.

This 50 € allowance can finance all or part of their registration in a sports association. Find out about the eligibility criteria.

One last word ?

Young people can get information at will and get back to sports, now is the time. They will also be able to discover our sports facilities. Let us hope that a dynamic sets in and that the rain does not disturb this day too much, put on your sneakers!

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