DeAndre Jordan’s incendiary sentence on the Nets off

Eager to leave the Nets, DeAndre Jordan reportedly held an inflammatory sentence about Brooklyn behind the scenes. Is she the reason for his departure? It has in any case played a role: the Lakers are warned with the behavior of the pivot.

Arriving in Brooklyn two years ago with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, DeAndre Jordan hoped to play a big role there. He was quickly considered a starter, before seeing Jarrett Allen overtake him after a few games. The young player caused a sensation in the Big Apple, although he did not stay long.

Today in Cleveland, the pivot extended for $ 100 million in Ohio, proof of its impact. It is long-term, he who has a very interesting potential in the racket. Exactly, it may not have really pleased Jordan, who did not want to be a secondary player.

Behind the scenes, the former Clipper would have been disgusted by the turn of events, to the point of holding an inflammatory sentence towards his own team, even disrespectful. And if Jordan has regained his place as holder, we imagine that the Nets have not forgotten.

Anthony Puccio, journalist, states this in a recent discussion:

Jordan made it clear to those close to him that he did not come to Brooklyn to be Jarrett Allen’s backup. Kenny Atkinson was not ready to give in, which contributed to his dismissal. As soon as Atkinson left, DJ was back in the lineup.

This is indeed what happened. From the departure of the former coach, Jordan regained his place in the starting 5… before losing it again. It must be said that the pivot is not at the level and any coach has come to the same conclusion. Allen is finally gone, but last season Blake Griffin was preferred to DJ during the playoffs.

This will inevitably raise questions for the Lakers, since Jordan wants playing time. But with Dwight Howard and Anthony Davis who should sometimes switch to station 5, there will not be room for everyone. Regarding Marc Gasol, his future lies far from the City of Angels.

Determined to hold, DeAndre Jordan forced the hand of his former coach, without success. Only Steve Nash came to the same conclusion, as maybe Frank Vogel will. We expect better from the pivot, who would do better to argue less and play better instead.

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