DeAndre Jordan took Mason Plumlee for Brandon Knight, it’s true that they look really alike

Jaden McDaniels who posterizes Ja Morant and causes his kidney stroke, DeAndre Jordan and De’Anthony Melton who do De’Escalade, the Stephen Curry show and Karl-Anthony Towns who scores for nothing … send the NBA Top 10 of the night !

  • Lonzo Ball for Zach LaVine, the kind of duo who outright bought stakes in the NBA Top 10 company.
  • Bones Hyland for Will Barton, the kind of duo who could buy shares in the NBA Top 10 company if Will Barton were Zach LaVine.
  • Hey, Ja Morant’s boost at the start of the action is literally incredible, eh. If it’s you who does this, there are two lower back and seven kidneys saying goodbye.
  • Hey, DeAndre Jordan took Mason Plumlee for Brandon Knight, it’s true that they really look alike.
  • De’Anthony Melton will now be able to add Mount Tow, s climbing to his mountaineer’s resume.
  • Before taking the squall of the year by Nikola Jokic, Markieff Morris had taken a nice slap by JaMychal Green. What a beautiful evening dido.
  • Before realizing Ja Morant’s speed live, Jaden McDaniels had put this on him. And this perhaps explains it.
  • Tell yourself that this Malik Monk shoot was perhaps the Lakers’ best-executed action last night.
  • Unbelievable buzzer shoot, incredibly useless. An action that sums up perfectly… the story of his franchise?
  • Stephen Curry’s other zinzin is so strong that guys don’t even bother to put an action No. 1 in the Top 10 but all of his work. Tro chian lol.

Still very beautiful things this night on the floors of the NBA, unless they are the cervicals of Markieff Morris since they have joined his neurons in the large drawer of the interstellar void. The following ? From this evening, but before that please do not disturb during the nap.

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