Deadline: Which players are still available?

Yesterday was a big day in MLB. With several big deals (Josh Hader in San Diego, Frankie Montas in New York, Trey Mancini and Christian Vazquez in Houston, Tommy Pham in Boston and Jose Quintana in St. Louis), the table was set for today.

But that was not all. The Braves also got their hands late in the evening on the services of Jake Odorizzi of the Astros (against Will Smith) and outfielder Robbie Grossman of the Tigers.

But who is still available?

Obviously, among position players, Juan Soto is the biggest name. Right now, there’s still talk of a three-way race between St. Louis, Los Angeles, and San Diego…and all three teams have reportedly improved their offer recently.

Otherwise, Willson Contreras, Josh Bell, Ian Happ, JD Martinez, Whit Merrifield and company are names to watch during the day.

The Mets should go get one of them – and I believe it will be JD Martinez.

Note that Joey Gallo is attracting more and more attention and we can fully expect to see the Yankees trade the outfielder in the next few hours.

But it is with the pitchers that it becomes interesting since the mound is the sinews of war. And for the past few days, several launchers have either left or will either stay where they are.

The question mark is Carlos Rodon. If the Giants keep him, the options will be increasingly slim for teams looking for pitchers.

Especially the Blue Jays since Tyler Mahle, who is a coveted Reds pitcher, is unvaccinated.

Pablo Lopez (for clubs that want to pay) and Noah Syndergaard (at a lower price) are also options currently on the market. They have been linked to the Dodgers and Blue Jays respectively over the past day.

Will Nathan Eovaldi, who pitched well yesterday, leave? It is possible, yes.

round 10
  • Luis Severino absent for a while.
  • Several clubs, including the Red Sox and the Yankees, are considering bringing in Brett Phillips.
  • 70 victories for the Bombardiers.
  • Jose Vidro never forgot Montreal.

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