“De Ketelaere must accept competition” / Italy / AC Milan / SOFOOT.com

Pioli loses patience.

Present at a press conference after AC Milan’s victory against Monza this Saturday (4-1), Stefano Pioli wanted to dwell on the Charles De Ketelaere case. Landed this summer from Bruges, the Belgian is indeed experiencing a low period, after a good start under the tunic rossonera. “In a big club like AC Milan, you first have to accept competition and then convince the coach. That’s what Charles needs to do. »

Dissatisfied with the entry into play of the midfielder, the Milanese coach also held rigor of certain marks of frustration expressed by the player. At the final whistle, De Ketelaere indeed rushed to the locker room, while his teammates greeted the supporters. “Charles is still in a period of adaptation, it’s true that he needs time. But in those moments, the will of the player also plays a part… He has to do more, period. »

Enough to wake up the person concerned?


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