Daytona, a crucial meeting for the playoffs

Daytona could be a crucial meeting for many drivers, including those already qualified for the NASCAR Cup Series playoffs, explanation.

Will the drivers qualified for the playoffs skip the Daytona event this weekend? If the temptation is great in order not to destroy a car, it is just as great to play for the win to glean additional bonus points at the start of the playoffs.

To date, fifteen drivers have won the NASCAR Cup Series. Chase Elliott has four victories, seven drivers have two victories to their credit and seven have a success in 2022. Winning at Daytona is the assurance of garnering five to fourteen more points to start the playoffs. In such a competitive context, some will do anything to take all the risks.

Apart from the drivers currently without a win, who will try to salvage their season, the drivers who have already qualified will play big in Florida. In fact, apart from Chase Elliott, guaranteed to finish the regular season in first place, nothing is guaranteed for the others. This first place gives him fifteen bonus points in addition to his total acquired by his race and segment victories.

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
15 10 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Additional bonus points based on regular season standings

The Hendrick Motorsports driver can add extra points if he wins one or more segments, or even the race. Currently, he is guaranteed to start the playoffs with 2040 points. This total could climb to 2047. As a reminder, the winner of a segment qualified for the playoffs scores an additional point, the one who wins the race, five more.

However, in the event of victory, he is not the one who would add the most points for the playoffs. Denny Hamlin could add 14, that is to say the equivalent of almost three races won. Indeed, in the event of a victory, Denny Hamlin would become the only driver with three victories. He would thus move from eighth to second place, which would make him seven points more than those of his race victory and his potential segments. In this case, Denny Hamlin would then find himself 10 points behind Chase Elliott, whereas he is at 24 today.

Square Pilot Points Victories Segments Playoff Bonuses
1st Chase Elliott 922 4 5 25
2nd Kyle Larson 788 2 3 13
3rd Joey Logano 767 2 4 14
4th Ross Chastain 761 2 5 15
5th Kevin Harvick 690 2 0 10
6th William Byron 664 2 3 13
7th Tyler Reddick 602 2 2 12
8th Denny Hamlin 591 2 3 13
9th Christopher Bell 733 1 2 7
10th Kyle Busch 679 1 1 6
11th Alex Bowman 615 1 1 6
12th Daniel Suarez 614 1 2 7
13th Austin Cindric 580 1 1 6
14th Chase Briscoe 571 1 4 9
15th Kurt Busch 485 1 2 7
16th ryan blaney 788 0 5 5
Ranking of drivers for the playoffs before Daytona

As a reminder, the positioning of the sixteen qualified pilots is thus done. The regular season champion inherits the top spot regardless of their number of wins. From second to sixteenth place the drivers are ranked in descending order of victories, then in case of equality of victories, it is the number of points acquired during the season which makes it possible to decide.

The sixteen pilots then receive their 2000 points from the start of the playoffs, to which are added the ranking bonus for the first ten, then the bonus points accumulated during the regular season for all the pilots. It is this new total that determines the general classification at the start of the playoffs.

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