day off offered by the boss to enjoy the ads!

The English are therefore back in their pubs on Monday April 12 and we are very, very happy for them. Really it’s great news, you have to be happy for others I don’t see why we would be drunk, pissed off, jealous or whatever (obviously yes, we’re pissed off!) … But hey, they were confined since December 26 and they have vaccinated hard. Two out of three pubs will nevertheless remain closed pending the reopening of indoor service. One person will be missing on the terrace with his pint today, it’s Boris Johnson.

The Prime Minister who said last month to be eager to go to the hairdresser as much as to have a pint on the terrace. He will not go as he had promised since the English are in national mourning so out of respect for the royal family no pint, which is not the case with some English who claim « toast in memory of Prince Philip », here is the good idea.

But the best idea of ​​the day comes from an English boss, boss already elected the coolest on the planet since today he gave to all his staff
a day off, like that, free. Everyone is off to be able to make the most of the deconfinement. His name is Chris Donnelly, he’s 30, he’s the CEO of a digital marketing company, so he’s released his 65 employees for the day. For him, the objective is to give a boost to the economy, to be seen also obviously.

So all the employees who arrive this morning, and who were thinking of a joke, are being sent home for the reason of: go shopping or have a drink at the pub instead, in short, enjoy life. This is a great idea to import obviously in France, and given that we are in a tunnel without date or even horizon, I suggest that on the day of the reopening, we have a week to enjoy it! A good hearer …

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