David Beckham’s support for Qatar sparks controversy

The World Cup in Qatar is fast approaching. A few days before the opening of the biggest sports competition in the world, David Beckham created controversy by supporting the organizing country.

The disputed world in Qatar

Since the award of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar by FIFA, many controversies have erupted. In particular because of the climate which pushed the world to take place in November, and not during the summer as is usually the case. The stadiums will therefore be air-conditioned, a real environmental problem. In addition to the logistical problems and the millions of euros spent, thousands of migrant workers were exploited during the design of the stadiums.

Qatar is the subject of several criticisms for the condition of human rights or the situation of sexual minorities in the country. Boycotts have broken out in many countries, including Norway. Despite a critical situation in Qatar, known to the general public and denounced by several NGOs, David Beckhama famous football star, is at the heart of a controversy following an ad made for the Qatari tourist office.

The (very) awkward exit of David Beckham

The former Manchester United player has become an icon of sport, thanks in particular to his sponsors, partnerships and successful business. In an advertisement for the Qatar Tourist Office, the owner of Inter Miami created controversy by extolling the merits of the country which nevertheless attracts the wrath of all humanitarian associations.

“It’s perfection for me. It’s an amazing place to spend a few days. The mix between modernity and tradition is something really special. » confided the former English football player who would have taken 11 million euros for this advertising spot according to the British media whose DailyMail. The video went around the world and Beckham, whose image is so often protected, was strongly and unanimously criticized. The ex-midfielder had already created controversy in China because of his tattoos.

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