Danny Green’s barely believable stats line in 24 minutes yesterday!

Not really in high spirits since the start of the season with the 76ers, Danny Green had an apparently rather affordable matchup against the Magic on Wednesday. The sniper has just signed a viral performance … but not necessarily in a good way!

Following a very delicate passage to the Lakers, despite everything concluded by a title, he seemed to have found the perfect environment to flourish again in Philadelphia. Transferred to the 76ers in the summer of 2020, Danny Green played an extremely satisfying first season there. In the sniper role he loves so much, the three-time NBA champion has regained the skill that has earned him his success (40.5% at 3 points).

Unfortunately for him, this nice rebound does not really continue this year. Of his 26 games played in his second campaign with Philly, Danny G has only passed the 10-point mark 7 times. Worse, its percentages behind the arc are again experiencing a notable drop (37.5%). A regrettable observation, which led Doc Rivers to relegate him several times to the team bench.

Danny Green’s zero point against Orlando

This Wednesday, it was in the Sixers’ major five that Green appeared to face the Magic. What if the teammates of Joel embiid have had all the trouble in the world to gain the upper hand over their modest adversaries, they owe it in large part to their veteran rear. In his 24 minutes of play, the latter has indeed not signed … the slightest statistic!

With only two shots attempted, the former Spur certainly did not really have the opportunity to distinguish himself. Nevertheless, his overall performance remains problematic, given that he has not contributed in any part of the game! If he had not committed his only fault in the game during the 3rd quarter, he would even have left Orlando without leaving the slightest trace!

Just to put this cataclysmic performance into perspective, no player had made a 0/0/0/0/0 match playing so many minutes since… Tony Snell in 2017. At the time, this fiasco gave birth to an ultra-viral meme, which still appears regularly on the web today. Green only has to hope that he will not suffer the same fate from Internet users!

Without helping his team in any way, Danny Green nevertheless left the Amway Center with victory in his pocket. A smaller consolation prize for him, after a blank copy which logically earned him big trolls on the networks!

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