Daniel Ricciardo: how many kg does he lose in the Grand Prix?

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On the podcast Smartlesssometimes we ask a little private questions. Asked about his love life, Daniel Ricciardo said he doesn’t have a girlfriend or children … he doesn’t even have a stable romantic relationship yet. And even with his friends, relationships are sometimes a bit rigid.

« I think it’s hard to have short, unstable relationships in Formula 1. In this sport your whole life has to be super organized. For example, if a friend of mine shows up 10 minutes late for a meeting. you, I leave and I say to him ‘You made me waste 10 minutes of my life’ « .

As for the age of a driver, Ricciardo believes that there is no real limit to racing in Formula 1. But when you get too old, the years start to become a problem, especially because of the fitness.

« It is unusual to be an F1 driver after the age of 40. Reflexes are very important and you always have to be in good shape and have very good endurance. For example, during a Formula 1 race you lose between five and ten pounds (between 2.5 and 5 kg). « 

to summarize

In this article, you can discover the last interview with Daniel Ricciardo. The McLaren driver was the guest of the American podcast « Smartless » created by actors Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes and Will Arnett. The Australian has spoken about key moments in his career, but he also revealed details behind the scenes of F1.

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