Daniel James shouldn’t be leaving!

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Manchester United officials are not keen on parting ways with Daniel James this season, according to the Sun’s information. Barred by competition from Mason Greenwood, Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial, the Welsh international has just seen Jadon Sancho land at Old Trafford. However, the arrival of the English nugget would have no impact on James’ situation in the short term. In fact, Rashford is injured and is set to miss a good chunk of Ole Gunnar Solskjær’s men’s start to the season. The Norwegian manager would therefore like to keep his Welsh winger for the time being. In order to encourage him to stay, the Mancunian board could even offer a contract extension to the young player of twenty-three years. Whoever was born in England but who plays for Wales will therefore have to make a fundamental decision for the rest of his career in the coming weeks. Two years after his arrival, he could therefore be tempted by a departure even if this is not the first wish of its leaders.

The Premier League in ambush

Several English teams are interested in the services of the one who has just made the Euro with the Dragons. Brighton would be in the ranks of the twirling Mancunien. But the most serious candidate for the arrival of James is none other than Marcelo Bielsa’s Leeds. The Argentinian technician has loved the player for many months. Moreover, James was to join the club led by the former coach of OM in January 2019 but the transfer had collapsed at the very last moment!

Pablo Lapena

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