« Damn, he’s coming with an axe! » »

This witness had just played a game of football, on the synthetic surfaces of the Joko Club. The Thursday night game, between friends. “We always have a drink afterwards, we eat a few fries. There was this guy, he was trying to talk to us, but it was really inconsistent. He speaks in a Spanish distorted by alcohol, « perhaps a Latino accent ». A woman accompanies him.


He banged his ax on the front door and also on the cash register

“We saw that he had stolen a phone. This time he is led outside where there is mayhem with people outside. “There was an altercation. The importunate alcoholic ended up leaving. But he warned that he would return. Evening players are cautious, regularly glancing outside. « At one point, one of them comes in and says to us: ‘Damn, he’s coming with an axe!’ We got out through the emergency exits.”

“He threatened my employee”, underlines the director of the establishment. The man did not hurt anyone, but used his weapon against furniture. “He banged his ax on the front door and also on the cash register. He emptied it of its contents, grabbed cell phones as he passed in a sort of disorderly drunken raid.

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