Damion Lee aims for a very rare double

Following Franck Saul, Steve Kerr, Pat McCaw and Danny Green, Damion Lee will attempt to become the fifth player to win back-to-back titles with two different franchises. NBA champion with the Warriors, Stephen Curry’s brother-in-law has packed his bags for the Suns, and like his former teammates, he is on a mission to achieve this « back-to-back ».

 » For me it’s about knowing what I can do to add more on and off the pitch, knowing that there have been successes here and everyone is hungry to try and win a title he explains to the Arizona Republic.  » I have met guys who have just had a 4th ring, and they always want to have another one. This will evolves every year, and that’s what it takes to get one more. You are not always underestimated. We don’t always doubt you. But when you’re on top, you want to stay on top. »

“Adapt to any system, to any situation”

When he arrived, GM James Jones had praised his profile:  » He brings a combination of size and dribbling. Scoring. He’s just different, and it’s a profile, given his size, that we didn’t have last season. ».

For the interested party, who is leaving « a family » literally and figuratively, it is a question of blending into a collective, and of avoiding having a label on their back.

 » I’m working on different aspects of my game and trying to be thorough so I can deliver when the time comes. he warns.  » I feel like throughout my career, whether in the NBA or in college, I’ve been a player who can adapt to any system, adapt to any any situation. Whether defending individually or collectively, knowing the game. Knowing when to cut, moving without the ball, scoring. I feel like I’ve done a bit of everything in my basketball career so far. It is therefore for me to remain as regular as possible to stay on the ground, and whatever is asked of me, to be able to do it at a high level to anchor myself solidly in this team and for the rest. of my career. »

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