Damian Lillard unpins and finishes Pat Beverley without any respect!

After the elimination of the Suns, Patrick Beverley let loose against the franchise and in particular Chris Paul. Damian Lillard obviously did not appreciate it very much, since the leader defended his counterpart on Twitter. No question of tolerating such a lack of respect for the Blazer, who has decided to recall a few truths.

Not present on the floors for months, Damian Lillard is undoubtedly eager to find the Blazers next season. But to keep busy, the leader has been more and more present on Twitter for a few days, since he dropped a very interesting like. A message for its leaders? No doubt, since we expect a little reinforcement in Oregon, especially after the departure of CJ McCollum.

Damian Lillard in defense of Chris Paul!

Nevertheless, Lillard decided to play the vigilante recently, after the borderline behavior of Patrick Beverley. Already eliminated from the playoffs, the leader attacked the Suns, and especially to Chris Paul after the loss. Mockery about his injury, about the fact that he shouldn’t win a ring, the Wolve didn’t just make friends. Among this list? Lady, who did not like such remarks.

@PatBev21 What did CP do to you?

That’s all ? Not really, since Lady continued:

The guy is on TV as if his word was binding. He talks too much in private conversations, and prays for the downfall of some players. This is very weird behavior smh 🤷🏽‍♂️ I have no interest in this conversation

When an Internet user tried to compare the stats between Bev and Paul, some were surprised by the rather reasonable numbers for Wolve: 11 points, 4.8 assists and 3.2 rebounds in these 2022 playoffs. But to explain this, Lillard has a very simple theory:

Because nobody defends this guy.

It can’t be said that Damian Lillard is necessarily wrong, especially with Wolves’ threats. Patrick Beverley is in any case released on Chris Paul, who could answer him soon. It’s not the first confrontation between the two men, and probably not the last.

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